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5 paradisiac beaches and little known to know outside of Brazil

There is no doubt that Brazil has a thousand natural charms, but the world also reserves paradisiacal beaches , those that do not even seem to be really that beautiful. Although the Caribbean region is instantly linked to the term, they are not on this list, but rather places you might not even have imagined existed.

The Pacific Ocean is an expanse of hidden or world-famous havens, such as Easter Island, Bora Bora and Tahiti. In well-known countries such as Japan and Indonesia, it is possible to find somewhat surreal and with such striking nature that seem to have come out of dreams.

1. Lombok, Indonesia

The island of Lombok has many attractions, among them the white sand beaches, suitable for surfing, turquoise bays, rice fields, forests and trails. In addition, it is where it is the second highest volcano in the country, Gunung Rinjani.


2. Okinawa Archipelago, Japan

Formed by 169 islands, the Ryukyu archipelago in Okinawa is a surprising paradise destination in Japan, where the capital Naha and the Kerama, Tokashiki, Ie and Kume islands, each with their distinct cultures, are located.


3. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Unesco’s World Heritage Site, the Green Sea Archipelago enchants anyone. There are 3,000 islands of various sizes, with caves, caves, rice plantations, beautiful beaches and walks with the typical junk boat.

4. El Nido, Philippines

Relaxing and inspiring, this Philippine retreat is comprised of 50 pristine beaches with clear water, turquoise lagoons, wildlife and caves. Among the activities to be explored on the island, kayaking, climbing and diving are a good request.


5. Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Of volcanic origin, Rarotonga is the most populous among the Cook Islands, having greater infrastructure, which makes it a very popular tourist destination. With high temperatures, it is ideal for those who want to enjoy beautiful beaches and still know a bit of Maori culture, including a lot of music with ukulele and traditional crafts.

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