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7 cities to eat chocolate in Brazil

Instantly linked to good mood, chocolate has the power to increase serotonin, which brings the sensation of pleasure in our body, and endorphin, linked directly to well-being. Synonymous with happiness and often used to calm the nerves, the sweet becomes the theme of this post, which brings together seven  cities to eat chocolate in Brazil .

No matter if it is Easter period or not, for chocolatiers there is no bad time or ideal time to savor a good piece of dessert that has origin of cocoa, fruit in abundance in the country. Creamy, hot, ice-cold, bar, sliced, with fruit, stuffed or pure, chocolate takes on the most diverse forms and, incredible as it seems, manages to make people love them all.

Meet some cities where you can not only taste and take the delights home, but follow the manufacturing process and learn more about this gastronomic wonder:


The charming town has many points to taste chocolate and take as many of them as you wish home. In the avenues Borges de Medeiros and the Hortências several stores meet. It is worth visiting the Kingdom of Chocolate, an interactive museum where there is information on the candy, a coffee shop and a shop. Lugano, Prawer, Florybal and Plateau are also famous brands where you can enjoy.


This little town in Rio is very charming and to complete it has great options for chocolatiers. Inside the so-called Little Finland is Joulupukin Suklaa (Santa’s Chocolate), where there are chocolates of all kinds, including mini fondues, which make a damn success. The delights come from Casa do Chocolate, which is in the Jardim Martinelli neighborhood. There happens the production and also the sale of several flavors and shapes of the candy.


The capital of Paraná is also famous for chocolate. The neighborhood of Santa Felicidade is dedicated entirely to the sweet, that is spread by several stores like of the Florybal, the same one of Gramado. For there, other brands are also present, such as Ana Tereza, Icab, Casa de Chocolates, Caracol Chocolates, among others.

old village

Fábrica da Garoto, a traditional Brazilian chocolate brand, is located in Espírito Santo and has become a tourist attraction in the capital. Scheduled visits are called Chocotour and include a tour of the museum – free of charge – and by the factory. With a fun look, the place attracts curious adults and children to follow the manufacturing process, learn more about the brand and, of course, chocolate.

North Yorkshire

Cold and charming, the city of São Paulo seems perfect to taste a good fondue or a hot creamy chocolate. Take the tour to get to know the Araucária Chocolates Factory and the specialty shops such as the traditional Chocolates Toco and Montanhês, Caramello, Platanus, Liege, Kopenhagen, Sabor Chocolate and Bruno Alves Chocolatier, expert in fine chocolates and popsicles.


Bahia is very rich in cocoa and this culture is reflected in Ilhéus, where there are plenty of homemade chocolates. Do not miss the first homemade chocolate factory in the Northeast, the Homemade Chocolate Factory. Stretch the ride to the chocolaterias Cacau do Céu, Mendoá Chocolates and Chor – Chocolate of Origin, besides the Coffee with Cocoa, between Itacaré and Ilhéus. Keep an eye on the Chocolate Festival program, which features exhibitors, visit to the cocoa farms, forum, seminar and tastings.

Sao Paulo

The metropolis also has some factories that can be visited, such as ChocoMundo, where the children have a real contact with the production of the sweet craft. Besides that, there are shops of the most diverse brands of chocolates, such as Lindt, Kopenhagen, Cacau Show, Chocolat du Jour, among others. In the interior of the state of Caçapava is the Nestlé factory, which is also open for visitation. The Chocolate Farm, where there is candy making and many of them to taste, is in Itu. The Hershey’s Factory in São Roque is open only to schools and colleges.

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